For all the students who face difficulty in C++ Programming language.

Easy learning steps from basics to advance.

The programs are provided with comments within the program which enables you to understand the core concept of each and every line.However, if you have any doubt or unable to comprehend the program you can leave a comment below. Your doubt will be solved within 24 hours.

The following  programs can be searched in the search menu. One can select it:

If you want me to do any other program comment it below. I’ll do it as soon as possible.



  1. First C++ program to print simple output on screen.
  2. Program to Swap Numbers .
  3. Program on For loop.
  4. Program for If-else-If ladder .
  5. Program to Traverse in an Array- Linear Search .
  6. Program for Fibonacci Series .
  7. Program to Find Factorial of a Number .
  8. Program to Sort given Data in Ascending Order .
  9. Program to Reverse a Given string .
  10. Program to find whether number is Perfect Number .
  11. Pointers in C++ (Explanation).
  12. Binary Search Program(Explanation)
  13. Constructors and Destructors (Explaination)
  14. Functions in C++ (Explanation)
  15. Call by Value
  16. Call by Reference(Explanation)
  17. Member Variable  Initialization (Program)
  18. Find the largest number (Array) from the given entered number.
  19. Recursive Function – Fibonacci Example
  20. Friend Function – Explanation and key points
  21. Copy Constructor – Explanation



    Computer Science Plays an important role in shooting up your percentage to great extent. People score full marks too!! So if you want to score high then CS will be a vital key to such expectation. HSC CS is damn easy guys!! Don’t panic guys when you see terms that are breathtaking. What I suggest you is to clear all your doubts no matter how stupid you think it is….Just Comment it below and it will be resolved quickly. I assure you that at the end you’ll be capable of scoring a very good marks…………..

    As Computer Science holds 200 out of 650 H.S.C. marks it shoots up ones H.S.C. agg. by 31%

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